A unique and special way to honor a veteran in your life!


With a donation of just $150, the name of your veteran will be listed in our 2020 Gala Military Ball program book and on our website for six months.

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Senior Chief Petty Officer, Christopher Kehoe - U.S. Navy - Donated by Linda Coccola

Commander, Julia Crisfield - U.S. Navy - Donated by Brian Worcester

Ltc, Paul A. Bailey - U.S. Air Force Ret. - Donated by Alan Harrington

Seaman 1st Class, Henry H. Birkdale - U.S. Navy - Donated by Henry Birkdale

Sergeant, Lloyd Woody - U.S. Army - Donated by Robert Jacobson

Brian Arsenault - U. S. Army - Donated by Thomas Cottons

Lieutenant Joseph C. Zemaitis- U.S Air Force - Donated by Joseph Zemaitis

Home Depot Veterans - Donated by Rich Abruzzese

Kenneth G. Barfield - U.S. Navy - Donated by Kimberly Impagliazzo

Patrick Matera - Donated by Taylor Westlund

Robert C. Foley - U.S Air Force - Donated by Corrine Lacy

Harry Ench - U. S. Army - Donated by John van Pelt

BM2 William Cummings III - U.S. Navy - Donated by John van Pelt

Master Sergeant, William Chandler - U.S. Army - Donated by John van Pelt

John Zentner - U.S. Air Force - Donated by John van Pelt

Jordan Wilson - U.S. Navy - Donated by John van Pelt

Sergeant, Charles James Sweeney - U.S. Army - Donated by Kevin Sweeny

Lieutenant, John F. Farley Sr. - U.S. Army - Donated by Maureen & Emil Poti

Platoon Sergeant, Robert Delsignore - Army National Guard- Donated by  Maria Fanelli

Airman, Thomas Rankin - U.S. Navy - Donated by Candy Rankin

Airman, Neil Crowley - U.S. Army - Donated by Candy Rankin

Corporal, Nicholas G. Xiarhox - U.S. Marine Corps. - Donated by Candy Rankin

Peggy Perez - U.S. Navy - Donated by Thomas Dickerson

Sergeant, Anthony Vaccaro - U.S. Army - Donated by O.J. Mann Electrical Service, Inc.

Private First Class, George A. Aldrich - U.S. Army - Donated by Aldrich Clean-Tech Equipment Corp.

Ralph Atchue – Coast Guard – Donated by Lester’s Refrigeration